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Sierra Marketing is based on 4 pillars, these pillars aim to allowing us to implement
integrated marketing strategies for our clients.

service 1


Define - Enable - Grow

Promote your business to the right people, at the right time, through the right medium.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Account Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Consultancy
service 2


Create - Simplify - Engage

Communicate through innovative concepts that support your brand and marketing goals.

  • Brand Development
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Animation
service 3


Engage - Influence - Grow

Build an active audience that supports your campaigns.

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Testing and Campaign Optimisation
service 3


Simplify - Engage - Enable

Get your message across to the right people in the right way.

  • Project Management
  • Training Workshops
  • Motivational Workshops
  • Stakeholders' Engagement
  • Meeting Facilitation

Check Out Our Work!

Our experience working across many industries has enabled our SME to large corporate clients to increase their productivity, positioning ourselves as an extension of their business.

project 1

Online Campaign for Leads Generation

Client Careers Australia
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Production (EDM, landing page)
  • Campaign Management
  • Monitoring and reporting of lead sources, quality, and volume.
Date June 2014

How can CCA increase their conversion rates and increase the profitability of their telemarketing campaign for Careers Australia?
We developed a new marketing channel to source qualified leads to market the courses offered by Careers Australia. The concept was to promote courses online and have people register their interest in a course.

project 2

"Think Bright" Brand Identity and Web Design

Client Low Energy Supplies & Services
  • Market Research and Insights
  • Brand Identity Style Guide
  • Website Copy, Design and Development
  • Online Campaign (EDM, landing page)
Date June 2014

How can LESS, a B2B business, expand to B2C?
Sierra Marketing offered to create a new brand that positions the company as an online supplier of energy efficient products for the consumer market. We developed a totally new brand identity with a new vision, a new purpose and a new positioning. We also developed an online campaign to promote their new products.

project 3

G20YEA summit 2014 Social Media Strategy

Client G20YEA
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management
Date May 2014

How can the G20YEA grow an engaged and active online global community to support the G20YE summit in Australia?
Sierra offered to promote the Australian summit through social media channels including facebook, twitter, linkedin and youtube in order to increase the number of participants in the summit and grow the G20YE community.

project 4

Bupa Internal Communication Strategy and Design

Client Bupa
  • Infographics
  • Stakeholders Interviews
  • Workshop Organisation and Facilitation
Date 2014/2015

How can Bupa effectively communicate a strategy that engages key stakeholders?
Bupa required communication tools to share the Customer Marketing Strategy and engage stakeholders. Sierra Marketing has been working closely with Bupa on a wide range of projects simplifying their strategy and presenting it in a visual way.

project 6

Total Renovation of extax Brand Identity

Client extax - US Taxation Advice & Consultancy
  • Market Research and Insights
  • Brand Identity Style Guide
  • Website copy, Design and Development
Date October 2014

How can a well-established organisation like extax refresh its brand identity and increase growth?
Sierra proposed a new brand style that positions the company as the first choice for US tax advice in Australia. The concept was to develop a totally new brand identity that reflects the company's personality.

project 7

CapitalPitch Marketing Strategy Document and Brand Style Guide

Client CapitalPitch - Series A capital raising platform
  • Brand Design
  • Marketing Strategy (infographics, business model canvas, marketing strategy framework)
  • Brand Identity Style Guide
Date October 2014

How can CapitalPitch create a strong professional voice that empowers current and prospective entrepreneurs?
Sierra created a brand identity for CaptialPitch that was both powerful and inviting; invoking confidence as well as professionalism for their target market. The result was an identity that was both clean and professional, as well as inspiring. Sierra also created a marketing strategy with the objective of building awareness among active investors and strengthening the community of advisors.

project 8

Integrated Marketing Solution

Client Integrated Marketing Solution
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Design
  • Website
  • Brochures
  • Lead Generation Campaigns (EDMs, Landing pages)
Date April 2014 to date

How can Study Network Australia/International improve their conversion rates and increase the profitability of their telemarketing campaigns?
Using an integrated marketing approach we created a brand identity, website, social media presence, and a lead generation email campaign. On an ongoing basis, we continue to provide website maintenance, social media monitoring as well as regular ad hoc marketing and promotion projects.

project 9

enlighten Sales Workshop and Costumer Journey map

Client enLighten
  • Sales Conference Workshop
  • Customer Journey Map 1 pager graphic
Date August 2015

How can enLighten determine what their customers want, and how they go about achieving their energy needs?
In order to help enLighten fully engage with their customers, Sierra created a journey map from the customer’s perspective. This framework visually outlined each stage of the customer experience with enLighten, using touch points, data, and roadblocks.

project 9

Melissa Wong Integrated Marketing Solution

Client Melissa Wong
  • Brand name and tagline
  • Brand Design, Website design
  • Photo production
Date August 2015

Brand Identity
How can a little known, yet extremely masterful dessert creationist share her talents with the world?
Sierra’s solution was to create a voice and personality that not only invokes the talent of the woman behind the brand, but also articulates the essence of Melissa’s dessert creations, providing a platform for her social media and website presence.

What is the best way to introduce Melissa Wong Desserts to the world?
With no previous online presence, Sierra was careful to ensure that MW Desserts website launched with consistent messaging that accurately portrayed Melissa Wong as a brand and not a baker. The site is friendly, invitating and, well, mouth-watering.

Social Media
How did MW desserts attract and engage the online world?
The product was there however the dessert and brand had yet to be shared with the world. Sierra utilised relevant social media platforms (ex. Facebook, pinterest, instagram) and created the content prior to releasing to her online audience. Following the launch, Sierra created a clear and consistent posting schedule to ensure MW desserts remained topical and front of mind.

project 9

Trained to Sell Responsive Web Design

Client Trained to Sell
Delivered Website design
DateOctober 2015

How can Trained to Sell restructure their website to better reflect the brand and essence of the business?
Using a small amount of content from the original site, we reworked the website, creating more clear and concise messaging. We replaced generic stock images with personal imagery of Trained to Sell workshops, creating a personable and inviting experience for visitors to the site. We also developed content to outline the key benefits of working with Trained to Sell, which helped to clarify the product offering.

project 9

Leads Generation Campaign

Client OpenAgent
Delivered Lead Generation Camoaigns (EDMs, Landing Pages)
Date October 2015

How can OpenAgent effectively reach their target audience and convert from awareness to adoption?
Sierra launched an email campaign to generate leads, creating all of the content and design. We provided the client with two creative options with differing incentives and call-to-actions. We conducted a split test, testing each campaign with a small portion of our consumer database, and the winning campaign (generated the most leads during the test) was released to the remaining consumer pool.

Curious to find out how we can work with you to simplify and enhance your marketing strategy? Talk to our team!

Meet The Team

We are a group of business savvy leaders, strategists and creationists. We are small but mighty, and have the right mix of entrepreneurial drive, motivated spirit, and youthful hunger. When we work together exciting, creative, and powerful solutions tend to happen. We bring this mix to your business, and treat it as our own.

team 1

Marion Di Benedetto

Strategic Director

Helpless Food Lover
Has travelled to 32 countries and counting
Almost died a couple of times
Started first business aged 25

team 1

Leor Shavel

Operations Director

Visionary and people motivator
Movie buff
Can’t see limits to anything
Believes in superpowers

team 1

Maria Prat

Creative Director

100% latin soul
Gym fanatic…
and chocolate fanatic :)
Cannot count in any language other than Spanish

team 1

Clarissa Dimitroff

Marketing Manager

Travel lover and experience enthusiast
Social Media addict
Passionate about health and yoga

team 6

Megan Manns

Head of Direct Marketing

Thinks coffee & chocolate are food groups
Official Team Baker
Mad about AFL, Go Swannies!
Loves helping others achieve their goals

team 1

Nina Belkova

Finance Manager

Sierra’s Russian Spy
Number Crusher
Avid dancer and traveler
Passionate about foreign languages, oui oui oui

team 1

Jones Akuesson

Business Development Manager

Has the French touch
Inspired by people and love to inspire them
Addicted to the gym
Passionate about Music and History

team 6

Roberto Camarena

Marketing Coordinator

Mexican import with micheladas included
In an open relationship with guacamole
And yes. You can do it.

About Us

We are an energetic and creative Sydney based boutique marketing agency. We collaborate and strategiseas a team to produce innovative ideas, helping clients increase productivity and grow their business.
We approach each obstacle as a personal challenge and tackle it as a team.
Since 2007, we’ve been working closely with our clients to create inspiring and highly effective marketing communications. We differentiate ourselves as a company that treat our clients' businesses as our own!

The Proof is in the Feedback

We encourage transparency between ourselves and our clients, invoking comfort, trust and confidence in what Sierra can deliver.

“Working with Sierra is like having new members in your team that happen to be really good at marketing. They quickly work out what your goals are and then help you find the best way to achieve them. Friendly people that are results driven. Couldn’t ask for much more.”

client 1 Dan Ryan Project Manager - Low Energy Supplies & Services

“Sierra Marketing is one of those rare agencies that you really enjoy working with. Their true talent is creative problem solving and strategy enhancement – as well as finding a compelling and simple way to articulate complex ideas.”

client 2 Matt Allison Health and Care Community Marketing Manager - Bupa

“The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance engaged Sierra Marketing for the 2014 summit digital marketing, focusing on social media. The team did a fantastic job, dramatically increasing the prevalence of, and engagement with, the G20YEA brand across multiple digital channels.”

client 3 Jeremy Liddle President, G20 YEA Australia

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